Welcome To Our Community

Mill Woods United is a community of people in southeast Edmonton who seek to grow in love by following the Way of Jesus. For us, Jesus’ death and resurrection is a window into the heart of the Holy Mystery at the center of the cosmos.

We consider ourselves to be theologically progressive. We try to challenge old assumptions and seek to understand Jesus’ message in today’s world. For instance, we take the books of the Bible seriously but not literally. We are committed to social justice and caring for others both in our neighborhood and around the world. We are an open, and open-minded community that values diversity. People of every age, gender, race, sexual and gender orientation, ability or faith background are welcome to worship, serve, and lead with us.

Here is another attempt to describe our congregation in 50 words: Mill Woods United Church is a caring spiritual community that cares for the spirit of the community! We join with other followers of Jesus to reach out and make a difference through programs like The Bread Run and a clothing bank, and justice initiatives like reconciliation with Canada’s First Peoples and LGBTQ rights.

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