The peace of Lent

Below is most of the material said or sung at the morning service on March 29, 2020. I provide it because the livestream on Facebook seemed to have a lot of issues. Good morning; and welcome to each of you. As was the case last week, three of us are physically here at Mill Woods … [Read more…]

Varied experiences

Yesterday, I got a weekly e-newsletter from one of my favourite web services, Spirituality and Practice. I liked the note with which the editors ended the newsletter — about how our experiences of the pandemic can vary widely — and so I have copied it below. I commend the S&P website. The first item I … [Read more…]

Singing into spring

Dear friends, Following yesterday’s post about how music can connect us to Love, today I offer links to some performances. Spring arrived last week and today is forecast to be mild. So, the first performance I highlight is of Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring.” I love this music, which is based on an old Shaker hymn … [Read more…]

Easter 2020: peril and promise

Dear friends, This morning, I drafted a short blurb for the “Next Sunday” portion of today’s “What’s the Buzz” e-newsletter. The Sunday after next is April 5, which will be Palm Sunday; and our plans for that day, like all Sundays, have gone out the window in the face of the suspension of in-person gatherings. … [Read more…]

March 24 update

Friends Your COVID-19 working group met on Monday March 23, 2020. We were very careful to enforce physical distancing, hand sanitizing and good health – however, it will be our last meeting where we physically get together. Beginning next week, we will be meeting online through Zoom. The following are the key actions from our … [Read more…]

Emotional sledding

Our cat died today; and the grief I felt when Kim and I took 21-year-old Checker to the vet to be euthanized brought up past moments of grief and also some of the feelings of grief (and fear, and . . . ) that many of us here and around the world are feeling in … [Read more…]

Physically distant, spiritually united

Dear friends, Yesterday we held our last in-person gathering in the church sanctuary, at least for a while. This second meeting of the COVID-19 working group saw seven of us sitting physically distant in a wide circle of chairs. But even though we were careful yesterday, when we meet next Monday, it will be through … [Read more…]


Dear friends, I was pleased with the experience of livestreaming yesterday’s spiritual gathering. Thank you Bryan LeGrow for your music and for working with me on the service. Thank you Brian Sampson for taping and streaming the service so ably. I’m sorry that some people had trouble finding this Livestream via Facebook. We have identified … [Read more…]

Faith in Lent

video of the livestream of the service from the preamble to morning worship — Good morning; and welcome to each of you. Three of us are physically here at Mill Woods United Church today – behind the podium is myself, Rev. Ian Kellogg; behind the piano is our Music Director, Bryan LeGrow; and behind the … [Read more…]

Hope in Lent

From the Preamble to Worship Dear friends, We are a family of faith formed by hope and love. But this morning, we gather under a cloud cast by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like me, I imagine you are shocked by how quickly things shifted last week. First, it was the decline in the price of oil; … [Read more…]