Family memories

Texts: two paraphrases of the 23rd Psalm by James Taylor Click here to watch a video of the complete service On Mother’s Day we focus on family. We give thanks for our mothers and remember with gratitude the ancestors who made our lives possible. But today is a Mother’s Day like no other. Because of … [Read more…]

Coins and fools

Texts: an excerpt from Charles Eisenstein’s “A Sacred Economy” (2011) * Mark 12:13-37 (“a question about taxes) * Video of complete service * Order of service What do we want out of life? What is most important to us? And what things might we be able to live without? From time to time, such questions pop … [Read more…]

Earth Day at 50

Video of the service * Order of service (includes readings) Texts: excerpt from “A Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan * Psalm 24 The first Earth Day, which happened 50 years ago this week on April 22, 1970, was a big deal for me. This might seem strange since Earth Day wasn’t celebrated by significant … [Read more…]

Silent spring

Texts: “Keeping quiet” by Pablo Neruda * Mark 16:1-8 (the empty tomb) Video of the Easter service * Order of service Easter is the quietest moment in the church calendar I think; although I would not be surprised if your experience has been otherwise. Thinking back to previous Easters, you might remember large family meals; … [Read more…]

The peace of Lent

Below is most of the material said or sung at the morning service on March 29, 2020. I provide it because the livestream on Facebook seemed to have a lot of issues. Good morning; and welcome to each of you. As was the case last week, three of us are physically here at Mill Woods … [Read more…]

Faith in Lent

video of the livestream of the service from the preamble to morning worship — Good morning; and welcome to each of you. Three of us are physically here at Mill Woods United Church today – behind the podium is myself, Rev. Ian Kellogg; behind the piano is our Music Director, Bryan LeGrow; and behind the … [Read more…]

Hope in Lent

From the Preamble to Worship Dear friends, We are a family of faith formed by hope and love. But this morning, we gather under a cloud cast by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like me, I imagine you are shocked by how quickly things shifted last week. First, it was the decline in the price of oil; … [Read more…]

Notes from the underground

Texts: John 3:1-19 (being born from above) * Matthew 17:1-9 (the Transfiguration) * “Parasite,” 2019 movie How many people here today have seen the South Korean movie Parasite? Last month, it became the first non-English language movie to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It has won other awards and has earned $300 million … [Read more…]