The two souls of Easter

Text: Mark 16 (the empty tomb) * Video of complete service * Order of service (PDF) On Thursday evening, Kim and I drove downtown to enjoy one of the Edmonton Spark installations. Perhaps you have seen photos of them. One called Fantastic Planet is a group of huge inflatable figures in Churchill Square. Another involves three large sculptures … [Read more…]

Good Friday and “Hurt”

On April 2, 2021, twenty of us gathered on Zoom to mark Good Friday. Below are some of my remarks and my Reflection — Ian * Video of the Zoom gathering Welcome Good morning and welcome to this Good Friday service. My name is Rev. Ian Kellogg; and I am the minister of Mill Woods … [Read more…]

“All of me”

Texts: “I Am the Rain” by Avijeet Das * Mark 9:38-41 (“Whoever is not against us is for us”) Video of complete service * Order of service Today on P.I.E. Day, we are focusing on Mill Woods United’s status as an Affirming community, one that welcomes people from sexual and gender minorities. There are many reasons for … [Read more…]

Chosen families

Texts: Mark 3:20-21, 31-35 (“Who is my mother?”) * “Revolutionary love” by Valarie Kaur Video of the complete service * Order of service The word “family” refers not only to our biological relatives. Our work colleagues sometimes come to feel like a family. Our school friends may become more of a family to us, at least for … [Read more…]