COVID-19 Update 12

Thursday June 4, 2020

We are a spiritual community where you can explore your purpose and place.

This week’s update will be a gallimaufry of news items, gifts of kindness, music and reflection. Let’s get started.

Contact Tracing: An important component of moving forward with our present COVID-9 state is contact tracing. While we continue to ask people not to visit the church unless completely necessary, we are requesting that if you do enter the church building you both sign-in and sanitize your hands. This applies to everyone, no matter how long you stay in the building. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Cool Looking Parking Lot: If you walk or drive by the church you will notice a parking lot so clean you could eat your lunch off of it! Thanks to the work of our Property Committee for getting this work done. As well, bright new lines have been painted designating parking spots, areas not to park, and handicapped parking spots. Great work!
A Wonderful Partnership Serving our Community: We have been approached by the Woodvale Community League whereby we can work together to help those in need within our community. Mill Woods United Church has received $1000 worth of grocery gift cards to give out to those in need. This complements very nicely the work done through our Benevolent Fund and opens up a number of possibilities for future work between Woodvale Community League and Mill Woods United Church in serving the needs our community.
Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: While we have been very fortunate to have the ongoing financial support of members of our church community, because of a lack of rental and fundraising income our total revenue over the past months is down. As a result of this your Church Council made the decision to apply for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program which pays up to 75 percent of staff wages. This program began in March 2020 and continues until August 31, 2020. With the leadership of Randy Round we have successfully made the application for the first month and will move forward on subsequent months. We are very appreciative of this opportunity from our Federal Government.
Celebrating Pentecost: Last Sunday morning we had a wonderful celebration of Pentecost though our online worship service. Did you now our children had an opportunity to celebrate as well? We thought you might be interested in hearing the story Georgia Englot shared with the children as part of their Pentecost Party. Along with the story the children were given the opportunity to create Flame Headband party hats and Wind and Fire Streamers to wave in the wind. Consider creating your own celebration of Pentecost, our wonderful church, and the amazing people you call friends.

Here’s the link to the storiy:
And a bit of Inspiration from around the World
The Weight: Song by The Band: Click on the link below and hear Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr lead a group of singers from around the word perform The Weight.
The Story of 2020: Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to live at a certain time in history? The French Revolution? The volcanic eruptions at Pompeii? The building of the Great Wall of China?

Or do you remember where you were during these or other moments of history:

  • JFK died
  • 9/11 occurred
  • The Beatles first performed on the Ed Sullivan Show
  • The Moon landing during the Summer of ‘69
  • The Air India Crash
  • The Gretzky trade
  • Princess Diana’s death
  • Trudeaumania
  • The morning Canada shut down in March 2020

Today, whether we like it or not, we are creating history. History that will be looked back upon like other periods — The Great War, The Depression, The Crazy 60’s, The Influenza Pandemic of 1918. And when this happens, what will be said about this period of time in 2020? It is hard to know. 

If you click here you will hear one story of 2020. Listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ as the print message reflects on this time when history is being made.

Have a great week and keep Healthy and Happy!

Rob McPhee