COVID-19 update #8

Thursday May 7, 2020

Hindsight is 2020
Last week while visiting with friends, at a distance, we began talking about the day-to-day life we are experiencing right now. There was no doubt in any of our minds that there were things we were missing. At the same time, we all agreed that there are things we are enjoying, or at least appreciating more than we might have before. It made us wonder how, and if, we will incorporate these newly found pleasures and understandings into our lives beyond COVID-19.
Each of us is experiencing this time a bit differently. For some, it has been a time of struggle as jobs and income have been lost. Others are missing the opportunity to be close to and be with family and friends. Some are feeling more anxiety resulting from a feeling of uncertainty. There are those who have been directly affected by this virus and have suffered health-wise. And there are some who have found very little change in their daily life and are feeling a sense of joy and contentment with the slower pace of life.
I am sharing a link to a short video – a bedtime story – called Hindsight’s 2020. Whether or not you agree with the premise of the story, it did make me think about what we can learn from our present-day experiences. How do we move forward to make our homes, community and world a better place in the future? Click on the link below if you wish to watch it.

Tom Foolery | Hindsight 2020 | Bedtime Story

Learning with our Children

An exciting part of our church work over the past two years has been the work that Georgia Englot and a group of volunteers has done with our children. Each Sunday morning we have had good opportunities for our children to come together, make friends and be part of our church community.

Since the middle of March, each week Georgia has been sending via email a lesson for the children which always includes a videoed story she has recorded. Through this effort our young families have made more regular contacts with each other and have often gathered over Zoom to keep connected.

This past week, the lesson focussed on who or what is God and where and when we can sense God. Georgia recorded a wonderful story called Old Turtle. A link to her recording of this story is below. It is inspirational and thought provoking. I encourage you to take the time to enjoy and reflect upon the message in this story.
Here’s the video for story time:

Thank you,

Rob McPhee