COVID-19 Update Fourteen

Thursday June 18, 2020

I have been thinking about the term “liminal space” this week.
Liminal space is a term a good friend of mine used awhile back to describe (in my words) a threshold or a ‘time-in-between’ when what once was is no longer, and what will be is not yet clear or present.
This week, to me, feels like one of those times.
Our gardens which we planted weeks ago are no longer the seeds or bedding plants they were, but not yet the fully formed flowers array with colour they will be.
Our daily lives which had become use to isolation and strict physical distancing are feeling the tension of moving towards something new and different over the next few months – but what that is, is unclear.
Your church council which meets on June 22, 2020 will be working to make sense of this time of “liminal space” as they create plans for September – a September that likely will differ from those of the past.
Personally, this is a ‘time-in-between’ week for me. I have finished five weeks of treatment for a health issue which had become predictable and relatively comfortable and will begin again next week a new stage of treatment which brings with it a sense of the unknown.
I suppose we each approach liminal space differently – as times of reflection, anxiety, peacefulness, restlessness, thankfulness, anger, gratitude, fear, or awe.
Attached are three links to special items that have come my way recently. I hope one, two or all three might speak to you in this time-in-between segment of our lives.
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To all the wonderful men in our lives — Happy Father’s Day! 
Rob McPhee