COVID-19 Update Seven

Tuesday April 28, 2020

We are a spiritual community where you can explore your purpose and place.


Over the past seven weeks we have been sending out a special Tuesday COVID-19 Update where we have shared actions from either our COVID-19 working group or Church Council. Our goal has been to keep you informed and give you an understanding of how we as a church community are working through this period of change and uncertainty.

At this point we are in a bit of a holding-pattern – a good one, I think — as we wait for further guidance from health and government officials. We continue to have our outstanding virtual Sunday morning Worship services, our wonderful phoning group continues to keep in contact with you, weekly lessons for our children continue to be sent, staff continue to respond to both congregational and community needs for assistance, we will have a couple more Zoom coffee times after worship in the coming weeks, and each of you continues to make special efforts for others. Thank you.

I  want to also share and show appreciation to our various committees that are continuing their work of planning worship, looking after finances, keeping up congregational contacts, making summer plans, working with children, ensuring the facility is being looked after, and beginning to think about next steps we might take as things open up again in the future. Thank you for the creative and important work being done.

Until such time as we see some major changes in direction, we will go back to using only the Thursday What’s the Buzz to communicate happenings within our church community.

As we head into the month of May we hope each of you is keeping healthy and finding ways to make the best of these days. While it is not the spring anyone of us would have anticipated, we are surrounded by beauty, friendships and hopefully before long green leaves on all our trees!

Thank you.

Rob McPhee, Council Chairperson