COVID-19 Update Thirteen

Thursday June 11, 2020

We are a spiritual community where you can explore your purpose and place.
Over the past few weeks, the most frequent question being asked by members of our church community is – when will Sunday worship and other activities begin again in our building?
The most honest answer is – we really don’t know.
While the Alberta Government has lifted all restrictions on the number of people who can gather for worship while keeping a physical distance, the message from the United Church strongly recommends we not open our buildings for worship at this time and be very cautious about other building uses.
Even though we don’t have a clear answer to the re-opening question there are a number of things that we

  • know right now
  • are planning, to ensure effective and safe re-opening when it does happen

 What we know

  • The number one priority guiding all our actions is to ensure the health and safety of all staff, volunteers and members of our church community.
  • Until the end of August 2020, we will be holding only online Worship which can be accessed live on Facebook or as recorded on our website.
  • While staff are working in the church building, we ask that people only access the building if absolutely necessary. In these cases, please phone ahead, sign-in when you enter, use hand sanitizer upon arrival and leaving, and maintain physical distancing.
  • We will continue to contact members of our church community through our phone-out work and if you have questions, need assistance or have any form of inquiry, please call the church at 780-463-2202.
  • We are closely following all updated guidelines provided by both the Alberta Government and the United Church of Canada.

 What we are planning

  • Huge efforts are being made by various leaders within our church community to plan for a smooth re-entry when it occurs.
  • We are developing plans to move forward in September 2020 under three different circumstances
    • Opening under normal circumstances
    • Opening with health restrictions in place
    • Remaining closed as we are
  • The most likely set of circumstances that most of our effort will focus upon is Opening with Health Restrictions in Place for September. What will this look like?
    • Each committee and group within our congregation has submitted plans to be part of an overall church plan to re-open. This plan will be finalized at our June 22 Council Meeting.
    • We are taking the necessary actions to enable both online and in-person Sunday worship to occur beginning September 2020.
    • Entry and Building Use Procedures are being developed for everyday use, Sunday morning worship, and building use by our own church groups and external users.
    • A timeline for decision-making and a communication plan will be developed so that we provide each of you with both timely and accurate information.

Big picture – lots is being done to help our congregation move forward in the fall. At the same time many of our decisions will be dependent upon decisions and circumstances we do not control. We will do our very best to do the very best for Mill Woods United Church and each member of our church community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, accolades, please contact me at either 780-974-4167 or at

Rob McPhee, Council Chairperson