How to give

Thank you for your support of Mill Woods United Church. Below we provide information on ways to give financially.


When Mill Woods was a new suburb in the 1970s, people with United Church backgrounds gathered in homes and then in schools to form a new church. Since November 1976, Mill Woods United has been an official congregation within the United Church of Canada and since 1993 we have gathered for worship and mission in a building near 66th Street and 38th Avenue at 15 Grand Meadow Crescent.

Our church was started by people of vision, and today it is sustained by the gifts of people like you.

Mill Woods United is alive with people committed to values of radical hospitality, spirituality and social justice. It is a community that seeks to live in wisdom and compassion by reflecting on the stories of scripture, the stories of our time, and the stories of our lives.

Thank you for considering a financial gift to Mill Woods United Church.