Dear friends,

I was pleased with the experience of livestreaming yesterday’s spiritual gathering. Thank you Bryan LeGrow for your music and for working with me on the service. Thank you Brian Sampson for taping and streaming the service so ably.

I’m sorry that some people had trouble finding this Livestream via Facebook. We have identified the problem, so things should work better next Sunday. We streamed the service from the church’s Facebook site, but through a circuitous route. Next Sunday, it should work as promised for everyone — just have Facebook open on your computer, tablet, or phone, and be one of the many people who have “Liked” the MWUC Facebook site. The live feed should then appear about 10:25 am.

I hope to get word from Brian Sampson on how many people watched live yesterday. Many others watched the video later with links from the church Facebook site or from links from the church website. Here is that link again!

video from March 22 livestream at Mill Woods United

I so liked Linda Paddon’s report on Saturday about how people in the church where she and Bill now worship — Deer Lake United in Burnaby BC where they moved in 2016 — now refer to livestreaming as lovestreaming that I incorporated this into the service, and have now made it the title of this daily reflection.

Please note that I have turned “Comments” on for this post and all subsequent ones, so please feel free to leave a comment. I appreciated those we got via Facebook. They will help us evolve the online-only services as we go forward. Given how fluid the pandemic has been so far, who knows how long online will be our only option?

Next week, we will use the TV screens and a PowerPoint presentation to help people navigate through the service, and to provide lyrics for the songs and hymns.

We will try adding other elements — videotaped solos? YouTube videos? Georgia Englot created a video for the Sunday School children and a lesson plan for parents that she circulated on Saturday. I thought it was brilliant. Perhaps we could incorporate them into the Sunday experience as well.

I also want to solicit prayer requests. If you have a concern or prayer request this week that you want mentioned during the Sunday March 29 service, please phone, text, or email. The same thing applies to shared joys.

I value doing the worship service live at 10:30 am on Sundays. The three of us in the sanctuary could feel your presence, I believe. Sending out the service live also helps to preserve the sacredness of Sunday mornings.

Two of the people who watched the service yesterday were from the Borderlands charge in southern Saskatchewan where I served as minister from July 2011 to December 2013. I was delighted to make contact with them this morning through Facebook.

There are many silver linings in crises, and strengthening our connections even when we are physically distanced but in solidarity with one another can be one of them.

Love to all,


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  1. Mary-Anne Janewski

    Thank you again Ian, Brian and Bryan for figuring out how to “lovestream” worship services online. I shared the link on my personal Facebook page also as some people that don’t normally attend church may derive some spiritual comfort at this uncertain time in our world. It was also nice to see people saying hello to one another online as we as not seeing them at church as we normally would.

  2. Audrey M

    Thanks for this Ian. I appreciate both this reflection, your daily musings and our virtual Sunday service. We are all being challenged to find new ways of doing things and staying in touch is important. I’m very thankful to have these connections!

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