Making A Difference — April 9-May 7

What’s next? A few thoughts. 

  • Support each other and individual effort being made to continue to make our congregation a welcoming and hospitable place to everyone
  • Ask Council to take a lead on the next steps in defining purpose, vision, mission – with ongoing two-way communication with the congregation
  • Review our weekly documents from these gatherings with council members and ask each member, based upon their area of responsibility to look at possible implementation of ideas
  • Determine our key talking points and create both social media and community newsletter messages for late summer and early fall
  • Expand our social activities to provide opportunities for all ages, while building upon those that work well as adult only
  • Support the idea of “paying it forward” through supporting the process using our Legacy and Memorial Funds being initiated this spring
  • Investigation has begun to look at a new projection/TV system for the sanctuary which would provide better quality viewing
  • Working with Property committee, perhaps form a group to review our message audit ideas and determine next steps and budget needed to create more positive messages
  • Lets get a new outdoor sign that changes frequently
  • A choir “Pop Concert” to share our amazing music
  • Begin an enhanced Sunday morning program for children starting in September which shows support for a possibility, rather than maintain the status quo


A huge thank you to everyone