Moving Forward — With Intention

Passed by Church Council on January 26, 2021, to begin on February 1, 2021

  • We will hold both in-building and live streamed Sunday worship beginning February 7, 2021, encouraging those ready to return to attend, while staying within the capacity limits established by the provincial government.
  • Children’s program resources will continue to be sent to families with young children on a weekly basis and we will look at ways to further engage families with young children.
  • Our staff will move towards the norm of working from the church building and regular office hours will be in place, as provincial restrictions are lifted.
  • Food Bank pick-up and Bread Run programming on will continue using established protocol.
  • Our Clothing Bank will be open by appointment on Tuesday afternoons following established protocol.
  • Opportunities to build community, nurture spiritual needs and bring people together within provincial health parameters will be encouraged through study sessions, social events, Zoom gatherings and other creative means.
  • The church building will be made available for Council meetings, choir practices, committee meetings, study groups, social events, or non-essential maintenance as provincial restriction are lifted and as groups wish to move forward using established protocol.
  • We will be open to rental and outside group programming in the building as provincial restrictions are lifted and groups wish to return, using established protocol.
  • Those entering the church building will sign in, wear a protective face covering, maintain a physical distance of two metres, and sanitize hands upon entering and leaving.
  • We continue to advise anyone coming to the church building to phone ahead at 780-463-2202 to ensure someone is there to assist them.

Assumptions and Background on which the Plan is based:

  • The overall health and safety of all staff, volunteers and members of our church community is a primary consideration.
  • We continue to work within the changing parameters established by the Alberta government, while being agile enough to adapt as needed.
  • We maximize the number of opportunities we can provide to engage members of our church community.
  • We support the ongoing efforts of our outreach groups to provide quality service to our community.
  • We will move forward as quickly as feasible to have our staff working as much as possible from the church building.
  • We will act very intentionally to re-engage people in ways in which they are comfortable and provide individual contacts and invitations to people to participate in the life and work of our congregation.