Our purpose

The following purpose statement was passed by the congregation at its Annual General Meeting on March 10, 2019

We are a spiritual community where you can explore your purpose and place.”

Mill Woods United Church (MWUC) is a diverse community; its members hold many different approaches to faith and belief; and we value this diversity. In general, people at MWUC take the Bible seriously but not literally and care more about actions than words. We focus on community-building more than on creeds; on healing more than religious doctrine; and on enlightenment more than ancient traditions.

For many people at MWUC, faith rests more in the public production of knowledge and the scientific method than in pre-modern creeds or teachings. Also, we are a values-based community (love, truth, and beauty) more than a belief-based one.

To gain a sense of how the people of Mill Woods United try to stay open to evolving perspectives on the Sacred, follow the link below to read a report about a fall of 2019 initiative called “What is God?

In 2006, the congregation passed the following Affirming Statement.

Affirming Statement

As a community of the Christian faith, striving to answer Jesus’ call to love all of our neighbors as ourselves, we declare our love for all persons, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, differing abilities, ethnic background or economic circumstance and welcome them into full participation in every aspect of congregational life. As we continue our discovery of what it means to be an inclusive community, we recognize the importance of hearing each other’s stories and respecting each other’s gifts. We celebrate diversity even as it challenges us to walk with Christ down roads we have not yet explored — September 2006

Supplementing these official statements is the slogan “Join in. Reach out. Make a difference!” It was proposed in 2014 by a leadership group called “Facing the Future,” and it has been used by the church ever since.

For background on how the United Church of Canada deals with questions of faith and belief, check out the following pages on the denomination’s website — What we Believe and Faith Statements