MWUC is a welcoming, hospitable, nurturing and affirming community of faith where all people are accepted and respected.  It is our goal to provide space that will facilitate worship, recreation, learning, companionship and fun.  We ask all who use our space to treat it with respect.

  1. A refundable, separate damage deposit is required when there are 100+ people expected at an event.  This protects the Church against damage and to ensure that the conditions of the agreement have been fulfilled.  If required, this damage deposit is payable at the time booking is finalized.
  • Rental fees and Damage Deposit shall be paid in full at the time booking is finalized.
  • If, after an event, there is damage or cleaning required, cleanup and disposal charges will be applied in accordance with related costs for the event. Where a damage deposit was provided, this will be applied first before additional billing.
  • All food, equipment and other materials belonging to the group must be removed by the close of the rental period.  Time used beyond that of the rental period will be subject to the additional hourly rate charges noted below.
  • The User  agrees to perform the following:
    • Set up additional tables/chairs that may be required and put them away afterwards
    • Leave areas in the same condition as found
      • Place all garbage in plastic bags provided by the church
      • If the kitchen is used, clean sinks, counters, stoves, etc
    • Remove all personal supplies and equipment from building after use of space
  • The pianos are not to be used without written approval given prior to the event. 

Please contact our Church Administrator to discuss full Conditions and Instructions for the use of our facilities.


Cancellation of an event with:

  • more than 1 week notice, renter will receive a full refund of damage deposit and room rental
  • less than 1 week notice will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the room rental.  The damage deposit will be returned


MWUC reserves to the right to make final decisions regarding rental requests. 

The following rates are for One-Time event rental only.   Multi-date space rental or rental on an ongoing basis is welcomed but rental rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the church office. Contact Us.

Groups renting MWUC facilities on a One-Time basis may be required to pay for costs associated with a Host opening /closing the building and being present during the event. 

MWUC gives not-for-profit programs a reduced rate as a part of our relationship with Edmonton area agencies and organizations.  You are eligible if your organization is registered federally or provincially (with a charitable organization number or federal tax number).

Damage deposit is equivalent to half of rental fee.

United Church of Canada groups are invited to book space through the Church Administrator. 

One -Time Rental Rates effective March 2019

Non-profit groups will be charged 50% of this fee structure

Sanctuary – up to 3 hours $100.00 per hour
Sanctuary – over 3 hours (7 hours maximum) $400.00 flat rate
Pianos $50.00 per piano per event
Lounge – to a maximum of 7 hours $50.00 per hour
Lower Hall – up to 3 hours $80.00 per hour
Lower Hall – over 3 hours (7 hours max.) $300.00 flat rate
Blue Room – to a maximum of 7 hours $40.00 per hour
Kitchen – to a maximum of 7 hours $50.00
MWUC Catered Meal Varies according to meal type and number attending.
 Contact us
Host Fee per event (where necessary): opens/closes church and is present during event $20.00 per hour, minimum 3 hours
Technician: training for audio/video system use $50.00