Staying in touch

March 19 2020

Last evening, Kim and I met up with a group of six people in British Columbia to share our thoughts and feelings about this strange moment. We were able to do this through the video-conferencing software Zoom. I appreciate Zoom, and I know that many of you are using it and other technologies to stay in touch during this time of social distancing.

Last evening’s Zoom meeting was called by a woman on Vancouver Island who had led a workshop in Edmonton a few years ago in which Kim was a participant. I enjoyed seeing and hearing from the group who gathered, all of whom struck me as engaged and caring.

On Sunday at 10:30 am, Brian Sampson will be broadcasting a short service that Bryan LeGrow and I are preparing. You can access it through the church’s Facebook site. To watch it live, make sure that Facebook is open on your computer, your smart phone, or your tablet and watch for the message “Mill Woods United is live” at around 10:25 am. Be sure that you have “liked” the MWUC FB site, which is accessible via the FB button on every web page here.

Those of you without a Facebook account can watch the video later via a link from the church website. If you feel so moved, we’d love to read any comments you have on the video post.

If this moment of social distancing lasts a long time, we will find other new ways to connect and communicate. For instance, I hope that Monday’s second meeting of MWUC’s COVID-19 working group might occur through Zoom. We will see. Perhaps some Sunday we will worship together on Zoom, which would allow us to sing together!

In the midst of this crisis, we are inundated by information about ways to stay connected to one another. On top of trying to learn about the pandemic through news and social media, conversations with loved ones, and self-care, it can feel like a lot.

However, I believe this moment is more of a marathon than a sprint. So, I hope we will be gentle on ourselves as we undertake ministry in changed circumstances. If you have some stories about how you are staying in touch, please let me know.

For more on Zoom, check out this link to a New York Times article.

And now I’m off to plan a virtual dinner party, which will occur tomorrow evening. It will involve me and Kim, my mother-in law, Kim’s children, and their partners all gathered around three different tables. Will we use Facetime? What’s App video? Facebook Messenger? Skype? Stay tuned; and stay in touch.


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