Ten commandments for COVID-19

Letter to the Editor, the Globe and Mail, March 17: Our church has responded to the pandemic virus by suspending church service and going online and, in doing so, increasing our connection to others. At the service, we named these 10 commandments as a way of being a community together despite social distancing. I wonder if these might be helpful for folks regardless of perspective:

  • 1. Wash your hands.
  • 2. Don’t panic.
  • 3. Don’t profit from panic or hoarding.
  • 4. Don’t be racist.
  • 5. Provide for the vulnerable or isolated.
  • 6. Respect those on front lines.
  • 7. Go for a walk.
  • 8. Love and check in on your neighbours.
  • 9. Avoid negative social media, provide hopeful messages.
  • 10. Breathe deeply – from a distance.

In this time of crisis, perhaps we can deepen connections by widening our care and love for strangers.

John Pentland Reverend, Hillhurst United Church; Calgary