Mill Woods United Church strives to be an open and inclusive congregation, and our wedding policy, which includes support for same-sex weddings, is part of that.

We view strong and healthy relationships as gifts from God and part of God’s intention for all people. The marriage of two people is one way that society has chosen to mark these strong, healthy, life-giving relationships. Marriage has a profound and lasting effect not only on the couple but also on society.

As a community of faith, Mill Woods United takes on a responsibility to support couples who come before them for marriage.  It is on this basis that Mill Woods United Church welcomes your interest in celebrating your marriage within the congregation. We celebrate weddings for couples of all sexual and gender orientations who are in committed relationships.

Couples wishing to be married at Mill Woods United Church are encouraged to read our Marriage Information booklet. It provides the information you need to proceed with your wedding at Mill Woods United. After reading it, if you wish to meet with the minister to talk about a wedding service please contact through the church office by phone at (780) 463-2202 or by email at church office.

All couples wishing to be married at Mill Woods United Church will meet with our minister to make the arrangements and to do the planning related to the wedding service of worship that they are seeking.