What day is it?

I was happy to learn that more than 60 people were live yesterday morning for the Easter Sunday service at MWUC. Since then, there have been 371 other views of the video and three shares on Facebook. Bryan, myself, and Brian “felt” your presence. Plus we got to see and chat with some of you afterward via Rob’s Zoom coffee hour. See a screen shot below.

Virtual coffee hour on Zoom

But how did you know it was Sunday? In these strange times of quarantine, many people struggle to distinguish one day from the next. Perhaps this wasn’t so hard yesterday — it was Easter, after all. But how about next week and the one after that?

Kim shared a meme with me yesterday. It reads “Until further notice, the days of the week are now called thisday, thatday, otherday, someday, yesterday, today, and next day.” Perhaps some of you can relate.

One of my tasks as minister during the quarantine, is to keep the rhythm of church life going, and one of the key markers of this is offering a Sunday morning worship experience. Lots of other people are engaged in this work, of course. Liliana continues to send out the “What’s The Buzz” e-newsletter every Thursday. Bryan is gathering choir members every Wednesday evening for a Zoom check-in. Rob and Carol have called the first Zoom Council member for tomorrow evening, and so on.

Sundays have been special in the church ever since the first celebrations of Easter because Jesus’ tomb was found empty on the first day of the week. For me, gathering every seven days, even if only virtually in these changed times, is a key spiritual discipline. It is like breathing in and breathing out.

If the quarantine goes as long as many people expect, how we gather online and what we will offer will change. But I hope and pray that the seven-day rhythm will continue, and that when we are able to gather in person, it will be with great intention, great joy, and great love.

Easter blessings,


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