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Toss up on the Toonie Trail 2022

Our church building is very special to us for many, many reasons. Over the years, through the efforts of a great number of people we have worked to maintain and care for it while ensuring it is a comfortable space for the many activities which occur within it.
Each year, mostly through pledges we add money to our capital/building fund to cover this work. This annual giving through pledges is vitally important and we thank you for your ongoing support.
Over the past couple of years, we have taken on a few larger projects like the interior ceiling repairs, the big screen TVs, and the equipment needed to live stream services.  While there remain funds in our Capital/Building fund the amount is slowly decreasing.
As a result, I am introducing a fund raiser for the Building/Capital fund which are calling – Toss Up on the Toonie Trail. The goal is to raise funds so that as future needs arise, we have the resources in place to cover them. These might include things like new furnaces, repair of the retaining wall, new roof, sanctuary flooring or perhaps the installation of solar panels on the exterior roof surface. Those would be decisions made by Council on the advice of the Property Committee.
SO here is what we are proposing – a fund raiser using the humble toonie as the currency to measure success.
Have you ever wondered how many toonies it would take, placed side-by-side, to make a trail all around our church building? That is the goal!
Well, the answer is 4612!
That number of toonies would raise $9224 for our Building fund. Can we make it? I’ll bet we can. And we can go around more than once if necessary!
We are asking you to start saving your toonies – they are really an encumbrance and too heavy to be in your pocket. Do you think we can raise the equivalent of 4612 toonies and make it all around the church building. Between now and December 11, 2022, let’s see what we can do.
How can you contribute?

  • Find a sack or suitcase and start collecting toonies. Bring them either to church on Sunday or leave with Liliana in the office during the week.

  • Make an electronic transfer to

  • Donate online through ‘Canada Helps.’

  • Write a cheque and place it in the collection plate

Whichever route you choose, please indicate it is for the ‘Toonie Trail.’
No contribution is too small OR too large – and remember your contributions will help at tax time!
Finally, we have created this graphic of the church building which we will hang up at the back of the church. Starting in early November we will start tracking our progress starting at the front door, moving around the building, and hopefully ending at the front door once again.
I hope we can have some fun as we look at ways to look after our wonderful church building which serves our community so well.

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