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Mill Wood's United Church Team

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Rev Eli Carter-Morgan


(Rev) Eli Carter-Morgan tries to build loving, inclusive communities all around them.  They grew up in the United Church of Canada in Kitchener Ontario and were ordained in 2004.  They have served different congregations across the prairies, mostly in the greater Edmonton area, and were thrilled to join Mill Woods United Church in the summer of 2023.  Their wife, Jen, is also studying to be a United Church minister, and they have twins who were born in 2012.  They have an M.Div. and a certificate in Restorative Justice from Queen's Theological Seminary, a BA from the University of Manitoba, and a BTh from Canadian Mennonite Bible College.  They serve the wider United Church as the Affirming Ministries Co Ordinator for Manitoba-BC.  They are a great person to practise using they/them pronouns with, because they love it when people try, but aren't offended by any pronouns used respectfully.  Their name is pronounced EE lye - after the old prophet who helps the young boy Samuel hear the call of God in 1 Samuel 3.

Bryan LeGrow

Music Director

Bryan LeGrow is an Edmonton based speech-language pathologist, pianist, and vocalist. He has completed his Bachelor of Music and Masters of Science from the University of Alberta. Bryan works as an accompanist with many Edmonton choirs in addition to composing and arranging choral music. In addition to leading the Mill Woods United Church choir, he is the music director and vocalist for the a cappella groups 6 Minute Warning and High Street Sound, and also sings with the adult choir Oran.

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Liliana Angel

Office Administrator

Liliana has been working at Mill Woods United since February 2018.  In addition to providing secretarial services to the minister and congregational committees, she produces the “What’s the Buzz” e-newsletter, maintains all our church records, and enjoys expressing her creativity with church publications. Liliana is welcoming and helpful to everyone that walks into our church, and she does it all with a smile. If she doesn't have the answer, she will find the answer!

Bruce McCarron


Bruce started work at Mill Woods United in the summer of 2020.  He has nearly 30 years of experience as a custodian and general maintenance provider and currently provides similar services to McClure, Grace, and Southminister-Steinhauer United Churches.  Bruce had glowing references and everyone we talked to spoke to his positive attitude, pride in his work and his willingness to develop relationships with our staff, congregants and other building users!

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Mukta Nistandra

Children's Program Coordinator

Mukta Nistandra a self-motivated professional who excels in teaching and facilitation is the Mentor for Children’s Program at the church.  She has 10+ years’ experience in teaching people of various ages, with the ability to build strong relationships with students, guardians and stakeholders.  She is a newcomer to Canada and has passion for teaching, learning and working with children. As a mother of two kids herself she had always loved spending time planning, organizing, and facilitating activities with her children to help them learn, be creative and explore their environment and community. Her friends and family describe her as an outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic person who has a dedication for working with children. She is highly adaptive, agile and open to intercultural learning.

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